The Perversity of the Political and the Poverty of the Imaginary

Philosopher Thomas Hobbes is famous for his proclamation that, in a state of nature, there subsists a ceaseless “war of all against all”, and that, without a “Sovereign” (representing the figure head holding the renounced natural instincts of all citizens), humans would resort to an unfettered violence to get what they want, and they would … Read moreThe Perversity of the Political and the Poverty of the Imaginary

Artist of the Month

Tyler Stenson Singer/ Songwriter  ARTIST OF THE MONTH Tyler Stenson has been voted “Performing Songwriter of the Year” twice by the Portland Songwriters Association and “Best Male Artist” by Portland Music Awards, and listening to his “Elegant Folk” soulful Americana sound it’s easy to see why.  His lyrically driven music is emotional and powerful.  “Don’t whisper … Read moreArtist of the Month

Cultural Appropriation: Is it appropriate?

From getting tattoos to wearing braided and/or twisted hairstyles, from the “fashion” of headdresses to the festival wear of bindis; profound cultural items/acts are often appropriated in numerous inappropriate ways. Cultural appropriation is the act of adopting or using elements from one culture by members of another. By that definition, it becomes clear how quickly … Read moreCultural Appropriation: Is it appropriate?

Lunch Time Workouts

Lunch Time Work Outs Work Out I Cardio 1 mile (9-14 mins) Superset         3×10  Dumb Bell Chest Press               Dumb Bell Standing Fly               Dumb Bell Curl 3×8 ↑ Decline Chest Press (Rack or Bar Bell) Double Set         3×10↑ Rack Leg Press         3×21 Rack Calf Press 3×15 Lunge 3×15 Tricep Pulldown 3×20 … Read moreLunch Time Workouts


With my “New year, new me” logo fixed firmly in my mind I’m already anticipating summer.  Working out and eating right to finally find that beach body buried under months of pumpkin flavored anything and everything. Summer always being to mind shorter shorts, tighter abs and shirtless people.  Wait, I mean men right? Women can’t … Read moreFREE THE NIPPLE


I love a good daydream, and with Powerball estimated to go up to a whopping $1.4 billion my dreams have become considerably more outlandish.  While my dreams of winning the lottery aren’t very realistic, the chances of riding a bike through Central Park with Bono, having my portrait painted by James Franco, or hanging out … Read moreOMAZE-ING EXPERIENCES HAVE US DREAMING BIG!


DISNEY GETS A FACE-LIFT INTO THE FUTURE So-Cal is feeling the force!  Disneyland has announced that they plan to temporarily close The Rivers of America to make way for Star Wars Land.  Jedi and Sith alike will no doubt be celebrating. Disney has yet to announce when the new addition will open, but in announcing … Read moreGRAB A WOOKIE AND A BLASTER – DISNEY GETS A FACELIFT INTO THE FUTURE