Self-Care, Why Bother? A Personal Perspective

It is a phrase that has been tossed around for a while now. Medically defined, self-care is “to care for oneself”. Simple enough. Though society has shaped this term over and over again, forming it into several different concepts. An open mind leads to an open heart, so I for one do not limit myself … Read moreSelf-Care, Why Bother? A Personal Perspective

Lack of Enforcement inside Law Enforcement

SASKATOON (Saskatchewan, Canada) – Police Chief Clive Weighill says that while he believes there are some racist officers in his force he does not think their racist views and biases spill into their work and interaction with the community in which they are sworn to serve and protect. Racial tensions between Native and Aboriginal Canadians … Read moreLack of Enforcement inside Law Enforcement

2016: Already Problematic for the USA

The average American citizen had a lot to learn in 2015 and will hopefully continue to educate themselves on all the issues faced by this country. These problematic situations are realities that must be dealt with properly in the New Year: Donald Trump – A racist man whose call-to-action is building walls, deportation, and forcing … Read more2016: Already Problematic for the USA

Cameron’s Confidence Amidst EU Referendum

Graham Rucker Jan 10, 2016 UNITED KINGDOM – David Cameron displays his confidence by stating he will remain Prime Minister even if he looses the vote on the EU membership. Cameron conveyed that his position depended on holding the vote for EU membership not the result of it. When asked about his preparation for the possible … Read moreCameron’s Confidence Amidst EU Referendum