Welcome To The Jungle


Written by Brad Lidbee

“The American Dream”, “Land of the Free”, “Where liberty dwells, there is my country”- What does this mean to you? These quotes spark less emotion in me than “a velvet painting of a whale and dolphin getting it on”. The American Dream is just that, a dream. It can’t be more than that if fundamental schooling is necessitous, if post grade school is for profit and if all our skilled jobs are sent abroad. How free are we, being land of the free, with our edited and marketed propaganda news? “Land of the free”- free to be used and exploited by capitalist corporate entities. Now we reach “Where liberty dwells, this is my country” maybe in the 18th century; then again, maybe not. Liberty certainly did not dwell for those of us who, in this country, are Black, Native, a woman or anything other than a straight biological white man.

Liberties of our constitution definitely do not dwell in my US of A. We seem to have a problem upholding with what our representatives deem civilized and prestigious. My America only wants certain people to have constitutional liberties. Although it says all people, all Americans. Liberty, free and American Dreams only exist to me as white privilege and or if you can afford it.

Why in a country that is supposed to be the “greatest country” in the world, can we not honor our word by treating all (wo)men equal (“not man as in man and woman but man as mankind”)? Why in a county that polices all countries can we not police out own. It is apparent the US of A is an exception to its own rules.

Here, we put the almighty dollar above all else. It is painfully obvious our government disregards people personally. They seem to only be moved by those who endorses and promotes them the most. It is power, and power will always bring in money and money, well money is power in this country. Our government used to be for public service and for the people (to a certain extent but that is another discussion). That is no more. We have selfish empty humans in the House, the Senate and in office. What happened to US? I know – greed.

Welcome to the JUNGLE. Fend for yourself.