Stop Bullying


By Jibus
Dec 22, 2014

There seems to be a very big problem in this country when it comes to kids bullying kids at school.  The days of making fun of people and calling them mean names have gone out the window.  Back in the day you could get by when the bullies made fun of you and call it a day.  Those days are gone and we as a nation need to take the necessary steps on preventing and stopping the bullying going on in schools.

We now live in the age of social media and it’s a deadly era for kids to live in.  To see kids posting mean and hurtful pictures on Twitter and Facebook is shocking.  Why is it ok for kids to post such things on social media and for it to go unpunished?  Why aren’t the parents better monitoring their kids at home?  It would serve better interests for all if all parents monitored their kids on their activities on social media.  Who cares if the kids think their privacy is being violated, because as far as I’m concerned the kids don’t have much privacy if they are still living at home.

There needs to be a law formed regarding cyber bullying on the Internet.  Congress needs to work with all states in this country at a state level to impose penalties.  It’s sad when you read or see on the news that a kid just committed suicide for being bullied.  It’s even more sad when the authorities find who caused the child to take their own life and nothing is done.  This is wrong and it needs to stop.  Taping a fight.

School districts should hold some sort of training on how to handle bullying and what steps are needed to prevent any further bullying.  Information packets should be sent home with each child going to school from K-12 grades for the parents to read and talk to their kids about.  It’s important for the parents to talk to their children and reach out to see if there is the slightest hint that something might be wrong at school.

Social media has been a great tool for people to connect with loved ones or people they haven’t seen in years.  It has become an awesome way to see what everyone is doing in their lives during a busy work schedule.  But it also has been a deadly tool as well when it comes to cyber bullying.  We need someone in Congress to propose a bill on the matter.  Once that happens…maybe then we can finally see this deadly trend come to an end.