Congress Do Your Job

So now that the midterm elections are over resulting an overwhelming defeat for the Democrats.  The Republicans have taken control of Congress as President Obama enters the final 2 years left of office.  What does this election say about our current politicians that are now in congress sealoffice?  The American people have lost faith in our elected officials and they feel they are not working for them in trying to bring back jobs to this country.  Results in this past election have shown also that there was a lower voter turnout signaling another indication that people are fed up with our elected officials.

Now the president embarks the final phase of his presidency and tries to fix his image as it hits an all time low.  He faces the prospect of an economy trying to recover, immigration reform, Ebola crisis and healthcare issue.  The GOP say’s the president is not doing a good job in bringing jobs back, but last month in October the jobs report states that 214,000 jobs were added.  So the economy concerning jobs seems to be coming along slowly and it’s not going to happen overnight.  This is the part that the American people need to understand; it’s going to take some time for jobs to come back.  The problem with jobs is we are competing in a global economy of cheap labor and that’s tough to beat.  The government needs to stop giving tax breaks to Corporate America and pressure them to bring jobs back.

Immigration reform has always been a tough issue on how we should close the borders and not have anyone coming in the country.  We hear all the time that we should get rid of all of the illegal aliens in this country and send them back.  However I do agree we should find a way to stop them from coming in the country illegally.  But we also have to find a way to help them get citizenship if they are here in this country working. Take immigrants in California for example, if we got rid of every illegal immigrant in the state of California, its economy would not last a day and it would shutdown in the process.  So the democrats and republicans need to find a common ground and come to a compromise on this issue.

The Ebola crisis has now come into full swing before the midterm elections and is a matter that needs to be looked into.  If the CDC knew of a possible outbreak since March, we need to know why it has taken so long for the CDC to act on containing the virus.  Why didn’t the CDC recommend that we stop flights coming in and out of Africa to the U.S.?  Either way, people are dying over in Africa from this virus and we need to work with our allies on trying to help them.  We are the leader of the ‘free world’ and we simply cannot sit back and watch them die.  Even if it’s not our problem now, it can be if we start showing signs of the virus’s domination in our country.  We must show compassion for fellow human beings in need of help.  We must find the funding to help stop the virus in new vaccines being made.

I believe the new healthcare law is going to come full swing in the final 2 years of the president’s term.  Now that the GOP has complete control of Congress we can see them trying to repeal the new healthcare law.  It’s just my personal opinion but the new healthcare law is not meant for the working class people who make decent money.  It’s meant to help the little people who don’t make as much as they need to have healthcare.  My question to the new Congress, how are you going to make it better than it already is?  Mitt Romney’s plan for a new healthcare when he ran for the White House in 2012 was in the form of vouchers.  Don’t get me wrong I am all for affordable healthcare and I believe everyone should congress do your job have affordable healthcare.  But how can you penalize a person who does not have a job  and can’t sign up for healthcare because of their unfortunate situation?  I don’t understand  this, not one bit at all.  I think the current healthcare has good intentions, but now we are  seeing the aftermath of what the law could be.  I don’t know of any law that is perfect, but  we can try to make it good for everyone.  It needs to be tweaked a little as time goes on and it  should be good in the long run.  If the GOP wants to repeal or get rid of “Obamacare”, they  will need a Republican in the White House in 2016.  Otherwise it’s not going to happen and  they know it as well.

 My final analysis is simply this and I think we can all agree as well.  It’s going to be a lame  duck session on both sides until the president’s term ends.  The GOP is going to try to set new policies and the president is most likely going to veto what they send.  The president may very well suggest and try to set new policies and the GOP will most certainly shoot it down.  It’s a game that the politicians like to play with each other at the expense of the American people.  When they should be working to make things better for the people and not worry about if it’s going to hit their pocketbook or affect their re-election.  Sooner or later the members of Congress are going to have to learn they are going to have to play well each other if anything is going to get done.  It is their job to serve the people of the United States and not be persuaded by Corporate America and the greed that manifests throughout Wall Street. -Jibus