Eligible Voters of the U.S., Don’t Forget!

I urge you, if you are an eligible voter in the United States of America, please do not take that privilege for granted. This election year has been hell to say the least. The campaigns have been questionable and not much debate took place during the three opportunities each candidate had. Even so, the focus … Read moreEligible Voters of the U.S., Don’t Forget!

Love, Lust, and Electronics: Technology vs. Romance

You see more people with cell phones in their hands than you see people holding one another’s hand. You encounter countless posts consisting of photos of couples, captions filled with professed love, and comment sections engulfed in exclamations of how cute the two individuals are together. It can be hard to accept what is showcased … Read moreLove, Lust, and Electronics: Technology vs. Romance

There’s a Reason They’re Called “Public Restrooms”

written by Aliyah Hurt One place you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in is the bathroom. Although that sentence could have several different meanings, I’ll be speaking on why it’s important for there to be acceptance of gender neutral restrooms. The purpose of gender neutral spaces are to provide individuals who do not necessarily fit … Read moreThere’s a Reason They’re Called “Public Restrooms”

Attawapiskat’s State of Emergency

Jackson Whitehead April 15, 2016 Attawapiskat a First Nation’s community of about 2,000 people has been shook by a suicide epidemic. Since March 2015, 39 people have attempted to end their lives. This number does not include a suicide pact among 13 youth, including a nine-year-old girl, that was stopped on Tuesday. A mental health … Read moreAttawapiskat’s State of Emergency