Eligible Voters of the U.S., Don’t Forget!

I urge you, if you are an eligible voter in the United States of America, please do not take that privilege for granted. This election year has been hell to say the least. The campaigns have been questionable and not much debate took place during the three opportunities each candidate had. Even so, the focus of the 2016 election has been on Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump alone.

I wanted to write this article as a reminder to the public about how important it truly is to vote, and not just for the president of the United States. Keeping it short and sweet, this is not going to be a large political statement. My goal is for this piece to simply remind everyone that voting is still important, even if you choose not to vote for the presidential position specifically.

We as voters have the power to influence the ballot. Yes, the presidency matters. However, when people say that they are no longer going to exercise their right to vote due to their options of candidates for the presidential aspect, they are also giving up their right to vote for other important things. The ballot includes new propositions and local governmental positions as well. I feel as though some people forget about the other categories they can vote for.

If you have a mail in ballot, as I do, do not forget to have it post marked before November 8th for your vote to be valid. Make time to go to the polls if you are not a registered as a vote by mail person.

Not everyone in this country has the right to vote, so if you do, exercise your power in the best way possible. Other lives are weighing on your voice as well. Take that into consideration.

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