ZombieTV Sn1 Ep4 “The 4th Show”

ZombieTV only on Grafik Culture Network Sn1 Ep4 “The 4th Show” NOTE : offensive visual and audio content…. Not for the faint of heart Episode 4 –  covers the Dumbing down of Americans 8offZombie’s collection of conspiracy info from Bill “Zombie” Clinton to Media Mind Control and mass manipulation. Ztv wake up mix of information and … Read moreZombieTV Sn1 Ep4 “The 4th Show”

US Military Ban Officially Lifted on Transgender People

Just in time for Pride (well for some places) the US Military has given the LGBT community another reason for celebration. The ban on Transgendered persons in the serving in the US Military (all Branches) has now officially ben lifted. Ash Carter delivered equality for all. The Defense Secretary says “This is the right thing … Read moreUS Military Ban Officially Lifted on Transgender People

Questioning Education

Growing up, my outlook on education was positive. Learning was enriching and fulfilling, and all I ever wanted to do was grasp more concepts. As I got older, my outlook became clouded. To this day I still question my views. In an English writing course I am currently taking, we had the opportunity to write … Read moreQuestioning Education

Greed of Wall Street

Written by R. Jibus Follow RJ on Twitter @Rominger007 By now everyone should know Wall Street hunger for making money is at all cost.  It’s pure greed to for Wall Street to want to make money in any way possible and it has made the majority of the American people sick to their stomach. Everyone knows … Read moreGreed of Wall Street