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It’s been almost 2 years since Lance Armstrong finally admitted to doping during is cycling career.  So the world finally got to see the real Lance Armstrong confess to everyone that he cheated to win 7 straight Tours de France.  Now after almost years to absorb on what has happened since his admitted confession, are we supposed to feel sorry for him?  He is now a known cheat and a liar.  Does the sport spare him any leniency?  What about all those people that he destroyed, are they also supposed to forgive him and move on?  Well it’s not that easy forgiving someone who has tried to destroy you in protecting a very dark secret.

What we saw in that interview was the same person who dominated the sport, cocky and arrogant.  There was never a sign of remorse for cheating and lying to all those people who believed in him and stood up for him.  This interview was supposed to be the first step on making amends for cheating and hurting people.  Instead he was not forthcoming on some of his answers.  What the world saw was a man who was not sorry cheating, but sorry that he got caught.  He left a lot of questions unanswered, probably from a legal stand point.  But if he wanted to come out and tell the truth and set the record straight, then he should’ve went on a major news outlet to do so.  Not go on Oprah who’s a talk show host, but a major news network.  He should have gone on 60 Minutes who broadcasted Tyler Hamilton’s confession.

 In his interview he didn’t even have the remorse to apologize to Greg LeMond, Andreu’s and Emma O.  He didn’t even answer the 1996 hospital incident, to clarify if it was true or not about admitting to the doctors if he took steroids.  He could have looked into the camera and said yes or no, give that much to the Andreu’s.  What about Greg LeMond for almost a decade had people thinking he was a crazy jealous person.  Completely destroyed his bicycle business and run his good name in the gutter.  The list goes on the people who he’s hurt trying to hide his secret.

Armstrong says his most humbling moment was stepping down from Livestrong.  I think telling his mother and kids should have been the most humbling experience.  That right there tells me he doesn’t really care what he’s done.  The tears for a moment or choking up, does not give you a pass.  Granted I will give him the credit on all he’s done to raise awareness for cancer.  I realize stepping down from his foundation he founded must have been hard but looking your kids and mother in the face and tell them the truth after all these years they defended you should be harder.

 He says he got a death sentence for his cheating, but I believe his punishment is just. I also believe that the sport does not need him back after all he’s done. A lifetime ban from all sanctioned sports is his deserved sentence.  He wants to make things right and help the sport, then testify under oath and simply set the record straight.  Reveal all the names and organizations who helped you cheat and get away with it.  Frankly we all know you couldn’t have done it all by yourself.  But even if you do testify under oath, your lifetime ban should stand.

 I believe the sport can move in the right direction if there’s total complete cooperation from Armstrong.  It’s the only way the sport can move forward in stopping all the cheaters and support fair play in the sport.  I’m firm believer there should be fair play in all sport. If you have to resort into cheating then you really don’t deserve a place in the sport that you are cheating in.  I’m for all stiff punishment to send a message to those who are cheating.  The governing bodies of all roadbikesport will find you sooner or later.  Cycling has such a bad name from doping that it’s just not fair to label cycling as people who ride bikes, dope to ride and win.  Its a beautiful sport that I would suggest people to get into just for fitness or whatever level you strive for in cycling.

 So the final analysis of Lance Armstrong’s confession is a weak confession with a lot of unanswered questions. A complete waste of time and the one who gained the most from this interview was Oprah, not Lance Armstrong.  To put it quite simple as a friend told me when they saw the interview was.  What we saw was a defiant bitter loser, cheater and liar.  The best option is for him to just go away and serve his sentence. You have hurt too many people during your time as Tour de France champion.  In time people will forgive you, maybe, but they won’t forget. -R. Jibus

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  1. very good article on a former champion turned cheat. Please keep these good articles coming. I’m liking what i’m reading.

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