I love a good daydream, and with Powerball estimated to go up to a whopping $1.4 billion my dreams have become considerably more outlandish.  While my dreams of winning the lottery aren’t very realistic, the chances of riding a bike through Central Park with Bono, having my portrait painted by James Franco, or hanging out with Snoop Dog at a health spa are much more attainable.  I don’t even need to be a Hollywood celebrity, rich socialite, or billionaire lottery winner!

Through the magic of internet crowd funding, offers a chance at a variety of once-in-a-lifetime experiences raffled off starting at $10.  So, for the price of lunch you could meet the cast of Game of Thrones, brush up on your boxing skills with Michael B. Jordan, or ride shotgun with Kyle Larson.  The best part is that everyone wins!  Since every donation goes to supporting a good cause there is no down side. helps generate significantly more money and awareness for great causes all while offering people the chance to live out dream experiences.  Now that’s a daydream I can feel good fanaticizing about. – Sans Sensibility

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