Author: Aliyah Hurt

I am an aspiring writer, college student (Psychology major), daughter, sister, and friend, as well as an ally to several causes/groups of people.

Duties of an Activist: How to Act Right in Your Activism

Activist: a person who campaigns for political and/or social change Activism: policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change Internal Political Change: change initiated by citizens of the country External Political Change: change initiated by other countries Social Change: any significant alteration over time in behavior patterns and cultural values and norms (significant meaning… Read more →

Consciously Developing a Pro-Black Attitude: Where False Education and Lack of Representation Matters

I will begin this by taking a moment to acknowledge the fact that this particular article will be highly opinionated and personal in nature. The perspectives I will be speaking of are brought forth from my own consciousness and experience. I will begin with some background knowledge regarding my upbringing and character. I am a young, black (African American) woman… Read more →

Cultural Appropriation: Is it appropriate?

From getting tattoos to wearing braided and/or twisted hairstyles, from the “fashion” of headdresses to the festival wear of bindis; profound cultural items/acts are often appropriated in numerous inappropriate ways. Cultural appropriation is the act of adopting or using elements from one culture by members of another. By that definition, it becomes clear how quickly the circumstance could become problematic.… Read more →