The CIRC Report (Cycling Independent Reform Commission) was a full detail description on the ongoing fight against doping in cycling.  Its detailed report outlined the problem within the sport in the past to its current status now.  Let it be known that the fight against doping has been put in check, but also the cheaters have also found a way to continue in doping.  When you dope you run the risk of getting caught, but also the risk of death, as many cyclists in the past have been found dead in doing so.PIC129312807

When it comes to money, money is the root of all evil.  During the Lance Armstrong era of dominance it showed that certain governing body officials were willing to look the other way to boost interests in the sport of cycling.  During that time frame all major companies were making money along with UCI (International Cycling Union) officials.

The report states that numerous accusations were not valid.  The so called positive test of Lance Armstrong’s 2001 Tour de Suisse urine sample seems to be false with no evidence linking that incident with UCI.  So if that incident is not true, then what does it say about Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton both stating that it did occur and was a cover-up by the world governing body of cycling aka UCI. I believe the report was done in a fair and open manner, but I still believe that there are still things being covered up to protect certain people.  So what does that say about trying to clean up the sport?

The only way to get full detailed information about that era of doping by Armstrong is for Lance Armstrong to come clean in open court.  He must give a full account of how he was able to able to cheat and how he was able to avoid detection.  As of now we all know the truth about his cheating and how he lied to cover it up.  But what we haven’t learned is how he went about it and who helped him doing so.  I believe if he came out and told the truth, he would be throwing a lot of people under the bus. I’m sure that’s not what he wants to do and the people who helped him don’t want either.

cycling pic2 21Apr15 I think the sport has come along way from trying to stop the cheaters, but I still think we are a long way to trying to defeat it completely.  UCI needs to impose a stiffer ban when caught, like a 4-8 year sentence for your offence.  That type of ban would ultimately kill a rider’s career, but it should send a message also to those who are thinking about cheat to stop.  I’m sure there is still riders out there today who are cheating, so for now we just have to give them the benefit of the doubt, hope they are not cheating and playing fair. -R. Jibus


Obama2 Looking at Obama I wonder how he even became president. Was it because the thought of  an African American president in the white house would heal the race relations in  America? Regardless of his supposed qualifications he is far from the smartest guy in the  room. Our love affair with Obama is now over and the American people are left with the  mess this man has created. read more…



j. smith religion hate and love

Some of the most contentious issues in political discussion, such as gay rights, suicide, women’s place in society and abortion, I feel, are structured around laws that are historically influenced by religious doctrine which, in my secular humanist opinion, is flawed. I am not here to criticize any religious views by any means rather I just want to have my moment here to briefly rant for a spell.  read more…