Insult to Injury

Looking at Obama I wonder how he even became president. Was it because the thought of an African American president in the white house would heal the race relations in America? Regardless of his supposed qualifications he is far from the smartest guy in the room. Our love affair with Obama is now over and the American people are left with the mess this man has created. There are no more women fainting at the site of our x-rockstar president. Nobody is giving him a Nobel peace prize for doing absolutely nothing.

35% of Americans say Obama care or the unaffordable care act has hurt them. Polls suggest that on average 53% of Americans want the affordable health care repealed and it’s only a matter of time before, in my humble opinion, it’s either cut to shreds or completely repealed.  Black on black murder rates show that 90 percent of murders of African Americans are committed by African Americans. Unfortunately the focus is only on police murdering African Americans as if African Americans killing each other doesn’t matter. Our president seems more interested in social justice than fairness for everyone.

Adding insult to injury Obama is currently trying to give illegal immigrants a pass and offer them citizenship, further hurting the African American community struggling with record unemployment and crime rates that are shooting through the roof.  The African American community has been misled. Things aren’t getting better for them, with abortion on demand, African American women are aborting babies at a rate of 18 per 1,ooo women, four times higher than white women . That’s 13 million African American babies since 1973. The daily average for African American babies being aborted in the United States is 1.876 per day.

obama_approval_328As of november 2014 the jobless rate in America is 5.8% which sounds good, however, the participation rate is 62.8% and dropping. That means that less people are looking for jobs or haven’t had a job in years or because they can’t find a decent job here in the U.S.. So tell me how are we better off? Even people in Detroit are waking up realizing liberal leadership is failing them. Filing for bankruptcy and the city losing residents, Detroit is in real trouble. The jobless rate in Detroit is 9.4% for whites and 7.5% for African Americans. States with republican governors like Texas are doing extremely well compared to those run by incompetent liberal leadership.

The numbers don’t lie liberalism has failed and Obama is a horrible failure. Obama care is a fucking tax! The Supreme Court decided that on June 28, 2012. When our ‘king’ Obama took office, gas prices were $1.89 per gallon. Today, average gas price $3.51 per gallon. With Obama refusing to build the Keystone pipeline from Canada he is helping to increase our dependence on foreign oil. Building the keystone pipeline would create as many as 119,000 jobs another obvious failure.

In my opinion Obama has done nothing to heal this country from racism, a real problem he had the opportunity to reach out and make a difference about. He seems lost without his teleprompter and sadly he has failed us all. I hear people say that he has hurt the chances for other African American presidents. I disagree. I believe we need to look at the person, not what the media is selling us. We need a president that loves the people of this country and respects the constitution. -Erik S.
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