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Just How Important is it Whether God Exists or Not when discussing anything Political?

written by Shara Love As I sit here on my couch on a late evening thinking back to a conversation I had with a friend the other day about the belief in God when it comes to many matters political, I ultimately wonder to myself – just how important is it whether God exists or not when discussing anything political?… Read more →

Perceptions of Threat

Written by Shara Love   This article was inspired by an interview in the opinion pages from the The New York Times given by George Yancy to University of California, Berkeley’s Maxine Elliot Professor, Judith Butler, in the department of comparative literature and the program of critical theory. The main questions being addressed by Yancy in the interview ask “Who… Read more →

Attawapiskat’s State of Emergency

Written by Graham Rucker Attawapiskat a First Nation’s community of about 2,000 people has been shook by a suicide epidemic. Since March 2015, 39 people have attempted to end their lives. This number does not include a suicide pact among 13 youth, including a nine-year-old girl, that was stopped on Tuesday. A mental health position fully funded by the federal… Read more →

Conspiracy Theory #1 FALSE FLAG

The idea that a government would attack its own country may, to some, seem absolutely absurd. ‘False Flag’ operations by most are often denounced, chopped up and thrown into the bucket of conspiracy theories; although it has been applied in and to many acts of terrorism throughout foreign and domestic history. This notion is undoubtedly a controversial assertion along with… Read more →

Duties of an Activist: How to Act Right in Your Activism

Activist: a person who campaigns for political and/or social change Activism: policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change Internal Political Change: change initiated by citizens of the country External Political Change: change initiated by other countries Social Change: any significant alteration over time in behavior patterns and cultural values and norms (significant meaning… Read more →

The Perversity of the Political and the Poverty of the Imaginary

Philosopher Thomas Hobbes is famous for his proclamation that, in a state of nature, there subsists a ceaseless “war of all against all”, and that, without a “Sovereign” (representing the figure head holding the renounced natural instincts of all citizens), humans would resort to an unfettered violence to get what they want, and they would naturally hoard resources at the… Read more →


What I am about to tell you all is an incident that happened recently.  I was walking back from one of my local Starbucks with a friend of mine having coffee as I usually do with my friends in the morning.  As I am walking back to my car, a lady approaches my friend and me and asked if she… Read more →

Lack of Enforcement inside Law Enforcement

SASKATOON (Saskatchewan, Canada) – Police Chief Clive Weighill says that while he believes there are some racist officers in his force he does not think their racist views and biases spill into their work and interaction with the community in which they are sworn to serve and protect. Racial tensions between Native and Aboriginal Canadians and White European decent Canadians… Read more →

Cameron’s Confidence Amidst EU Referendum

UNITED KINGDOM – David Cameron displays his confidence by stating he will remain Prime Minister even if he looses the vote on the EU membership. Cameron conveyed that his position depended on holding the vote for EU membership not the result of it. When asked about his preparation for the possible Brexit, Cameron said “I don’t think that is the right answer… Read more →