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Freedom of Expression

            The media recently has been playing up Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the national anthem before a preseason football game. Many people are pissed off with him for not standing and some are showing support for his right to express his views. This is what’s great about America, the freedom to show how you feel.  Some countries you… Read more →

The Power of Basil

Written By Healthy Hot Bod Antibiotic, Antioxidant, Cleans the Bloodstream, Destroys Cholesterol Basil, or Ocimum Basilicum, is an aromatic herb with oval, green leaves. There are about 60 different species, and each of them has a slightly different taste and features. It is largely known for its antioxidant power. The various antioxidants have numerous benefits including; protection against damages induced… Read more →


So finally Peyton Manning after months of speculation that he might retire after this NFL season has finally come true.  Reports were told that he would retire win or lose after this year’s Super Bowl.  After winning the Super Bowl everyone wondered when and what he was going to say about his future.  Would he come back for one more… Read more →


Runners, why the treadmill hate? In a recent issue of Runner’s World, editors confessed they had to bribe people with swag to test top-of-the-line treadmills for an annual review. Polling their audience for treadmill nicknames got it no love, either. Readers dubbed it “better than nothing,” “that thing,” and “Satan’s conveyor belt.” Ouch! Well, allow us to defend this underrated… Read more →

New Form of Cheating

            There’s a fight against doping in professional cycling that seems never-ending.  We thought maybe it would come to an end with Lance Armstrong coming forward with his own admission with doping when he sat down with Oprah Winfrey.  However, that was in 2012 and we still haven’t come close to stopping the infiltration of corruption in the professional peloton.… Read more →

Lunch Time Workouts

Lunch Time Work Outs Work Out I Cardio 1 mile (9-14 mins) Superset         3×10  Dumb Bell Chest Press               Dumb Bell Standing Fly               Dumb Bell Curl 3×8 ↑ Decline Chest Press (Rack or Bar Bell) Double Set         3×10↑ Rack Leg Press         3×21 Rack Calf Press 3×15 Lunge 3×15 Tricep Pulldown 3×20 Leg Lifts Work Out II… Read more →