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Questioning Education

Growing up, my outlook on education was positive. Learning was enriching and fulfilling, and all I ever wanted to do was grasp more concepts. As I got older, my outlook became clouded. To this day I still question my views. In an English writing course I am currently taking, we had the opportunity to write a paper on a facet… Read more →

Perceptions of Threat

Written by Shara Love   This article was inspired by an interview in the opinion pages from the The New York Times given by George Yancy to University of California, Berkeley’s Maxine Elliot Professor, Judith Butler, in the department of comparative literature and the program of critical theory. The main questions being addressed by Yancy in the interview ask “Who… Read more →

The Perversity of the Political and the Poverty of the Imaginary

Philosopher Thomas Hobbes is famous for his proclamation that, in a state of nature, there subsists a ceaseless “war of all against all”, and that, without a “Sovereign” (representing the figure head holding the renounced natural instincts of all citizens), humans would resort to an unfettered violence to get what they want, and they would naturally hoard resources at the… Read more →


j. smith religion hate and love

Some of the most contentious issues in political discussion, such as gay rights, suicide, women’s place in society and abortion, I feel, are structured around laws that are historically influenced by religious doctrine which, in my secular humanist opinion, is flawed. I am not here to criticize any religious views by any means rather I just want to have my moment here to briefly rant for a spell.  read more…