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Justice Bought and Paid For

Written By SansSensibility Follow Sans Sensibility on Twitter @sanssensibility In a recent interview Joe Biden said he if he had run for president he would have chosen Elizabeth Warren as his running mate. Since then speculation has run wild wondering why he keeps mentioning running for president in recent interviews. Many have seen the recent odd line of questioning as a… Read more →

ZombieTV Sn1 Ep2 “May Day – May Day”

ZombieTV only on Grafik Culture Network Sn1 Ep2 “May Day – May Day” NOTE : offensive visual and audio content…. Not for the faint of heart Grafik Culture Network presents a talk show to take back media broadcast with real people discussing real issues on a platform built by the people for the people. Today 8Off Napo and guest King… Read more →

Just How Important is it Whether God Exists or Not when discussing anything Political?

written by Shara Love As I sit here on my couch on a late evening thinking back to a conversation I had with a friend the other day about the belief in God when it comes to many matters political, I ultimately wonder to myself – just how important is it whether God exists or not when discussing anything political?… Read more →

Attawapiskat’s State of Emergency

Written by Graham Rucker Attawapiskat a First Nation’s community of about 2,000 people has been shook by a suicide epidemic. Since March 2015, 39 people have attempted to end their lives. This number does not include a suicide pact among 13 youth, including a nine-year-old girl, that was stopped on Tuesday. A mental health position fully funded by the federal… Read more →


I had an interesting conversation this week with one of my Republican Facebook friends.  He gleefully posted this meme on my page and considered me foolish for supporting the Democratic Party claiming they are anything but progressive. What I pointed out is that he fails to understand how things can change over time.  What once might have been a “Grand… Read more →

Conspiracy Theory #1 FALSE FLAG

The idea that a government would attack its own country may, to some, seem absolutely absurd. ‘False Flag’ operations by most are often denounced, chopped up and thrown into the bucket of conspiracy theories; although it has been applied in and to many acts of terrorism throughout foreign and domestic history. This notion is undoubtedly a controversial assertion along with… Read more →

Duties of an Activist: How to Act Right in Your Activism

Activist: a person who campaigns for political and/or social change Activism: policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change Internal Political Change: change initiated by citizens of the country External Political Change: change initiated by other countries Social Change: any significant alteration over time in behavior patterns and cultural values and norms (significant meaning… Read more →


No less then seventeen states have introduced legislation this year regarding the creation of, or alteration to, a state religious freedom law. Currently, 21 states have Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRAs). Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas currently have a RFRA, but have introduced legislation this year to amend or supplement their law. Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, North… Read more →


While Bernie Sanders popularity and message is gaining momentum and support, many still cling to the idea that Hillary is a sure thing.  Despite the fact that she consistently fails to poll ahead when pitted against a Republican candidate.  A recent national poll to look at the question was NBC News and the Wall Street Journal. If Donald Trump is… Read more →