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The Perversity of the Political and the Poverty of the Imaginary

Philosopher Thomas Hobbes is famous for his proclamation that, in a state of nature, there subsists a ceaseless “war of all against all”, and that, without a “Sovereign” (representing the figure head holding the renounced natural instincts of all citizens), humans would resort to an unfettered violence to get what they want, and they would naturally hoard resources at the… Read more →

Lunch Time Workouts

Lunch Time Work Outs Work Out I Cardio 1 mile (9-14 mins) Superset         3×10  Dumb Bell Chest Press               Dumb Bell Standing Fly               Dumb Bell Curl 3×8 ↑ Decline Chest Press (Rack or Bar Bell) Double Set         3×10↑ Rack Leg Press         3×21 Rack Calf Press 3×15 Lunge 3×15 Tricep Pulldown 3×20 Leg Lifts Work Out II… Read more →

2016: Already Problematic for the USA

The average American citizen had a lot to learn in 2015 and will hopefully continue to educate themselves on all the issues faced by this country. These problematic situations are realities that must be dealt with properly in the New Year: Donald Trump – A racist man whose call-to-action is building walls, deportation, and forcing a population to wear identification… Read more →