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Freedom of Expression

            The media recently has been playing up Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the national anthem before a preseason football game. Many people are pissed off with him for not standing and some are showing support for his right to express his views. This is what’s great about America, the freedom to show how you feel.  Some countries you… Read more →

One Teaspoon of Aloe Daily Reverses Signs of Skin Aging

One Teaspoon of Aloe Daily Reverses Signs of Skin Aging Written By Healthy Hot Bod There is plenty of research that indicates that the unnaturally accelerated aging process associated with chemical saturated modern living and/or natural environmental exposures such as excessive ultraviolet radiation (photo-aging) can be slowed. Of the potential value in aging skin, aloe is one of the most compelling… Read more →

Love, Lust, and Electronics: Technology vs. Romance

You see more people with cell phones in their hands than you see people holding one another’s hand. You encounter countless posts consisting of photos of couples, captions filled with professed love, and comment sections engulfed in exclamations of how cute the two individuals are together. It can be hard to accept what is showcased online and through social media… Read more →

ZTV Ep 5 The Zombie Truth Inc.

ZombieTV only on Grafik Culture Network Sn1 Ep5 “The Zombie Truth Inc” NOTE : offensive visual and audio content…. Not for the faint of heart Zombie TV presents this eye opening montage of MC (mind control) by Truth Inc. a journey into the unseen tactics used to control the sub-conscientious. A global manipulation by major corporations conditioning the world through… Read more →

Travel Portland, Oregon

Written By SansSensibility Follow on Twitter @sanssensibility Anyone who has traveled to Portland will tell you it is a very eclectic town.  From sporting events to world class symphonies and from festivals to the great outdoors – it’s easy to see why those who live there have little reason to go anywhere else.  Here are the top 5 things to experience… Read more →

Sexism in Science

Written By SansSensibility Follow on Twitter @sanssensibility I’m a huge advocate of science and the spread of scientific literacy.  Science is a way for us to better understand the universe and our place within it.  To me, science is a means to enlightenment.  While science might be a great way to explain a myriad of things, it hasn’t always been a… Read more →

ZTV Sn1 Ep3 “Zombie Summer”

ZombieTV only on Grafik Culture Network Sn1 Ep3 “Zombie Summer” NOTE : offensive visual and audio content…. Not for the faint of heart Grafik Culture Network presents ZombieTV, a talk show to take back media broadcast with real people discussing real issues on a platform built by the people for the people. ZombieTV is a iBroadcast production of candid conversations… Read more →

Pittie Little Secrets

Written by Shara Love In the world of dogs there are quirky little things that each particular dog breed becomes known for with their personalities and behaviours. Many quirky behaviours are common across breeds. Fortunately I am lucky enough to be able to share with you the particularly quirky and distinct behaviours recognizable in the Pit Bull terrier/Bully breeds; behaviours… Read more →

Regressive Liberalism, Meet Your Twin, The Religious Reich

Written by SansSensibility Follow Sans Sensibility on Twitter @sanssensibility This meme was shared by one of my Republican friends. Though I often criticize Republican ideology and I consider myself a liberal, I admit that this illustrates one of the issues with liberalism, especially the regressive left. They are quick to criticize discrimination and human right violations when the right is to… Read more →