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7 Reasons to Eat More Blueberries

Written By Healthy Holt Bod Spring and summer are prime seasons for fresh blueberries. But there are good reasons to eat them all year round. Blueberries pack huge health benefits in a tiny package. Research confirms that eating even less than a cup of blueberries a day helps fend off heart disease, cancer, brain aging, and much more. Here are… Read more →

ZombieTV Sn1 Ep4 “The 4th Show”

ZombieTV only on Grafik Culture Network Sn1 Ep4 “The 4th Show” NOTE : offensive visual and audio content…. Not for the faint of heart Episode 4 –  covers the Dumbing down of Americans 8offZombie’s collection of conspiracy info from Bill “Zombie” Clinton to Media Mind Control and mass manipulation. Ztv wake up mix of information and enlightenment. Welcome Free Thinkers and… Read more →

Greed of Wall Street

Written by R. Jibus Follow RJ on Twitter @Rominger007 By now everyone should know Wall Street hunger for making money is at all cost.  It’s pure greed to for Wall Street to want to make money in any way possible and it has made the majority of the American people sick to their stomach. Everyone knows that old saying that money… Read more →

Protein Power Pancakes

Written By Healthy Hot Bod Follow HHb @ Nothing quite says the weekend like pancakes.  But why should your diet fail just because you love weekends?  This is a great recipe to have your pancakes and eat them too! 1/3 Cup Oat Flour 1 Scoop Vanilla Whey Protein Powder 1 Egg White 3 Tbsp Milk (of your choice) 3… Read more →

ZTV Sn1 Ep3 “Zombie Summer”

ZombieTV only on Grafik Culture Network Sn1 Ep3 “Zombie Summer” NOTE : offensive visual and audio content…. Not for the faint of heart Grafik Culture Network presents ZombieTV, a talk show to take back media broadcast with real people discussing real issues on a platform built by the people for the people. ZombieTV is a iBroadcast production of candid conversations… Read more →

Pittie Little Secrets

Written by Shara Love In the world of dogs there are quirky little things that each particular dog breed becomes known for with their personalities and behaviours. Many quirky behaviours are common across breeds. Fortunately I am lucky enough to be able to share with you the particularly quirky and distinct behaviours recognizable in the Pit Bull terrier/Bully breeds; behaviours… Read more →


Written by SansSensibility Follow Sans Sensibility on Twitter @sanssensibility I’m going to start out by just giving it to you straight – I don’t like this choice.  While I don’t want to take a deep dive into his record, I will say that his record on criminal justice is abysmal, especially if you’re a president who has been talking about criminal… Read more →

Sleep Tight

Written by Shara Love This is not an easy article to write as I am sure it is not easy to read, but it is however a peculiar topic due to the nature of increased instances heard throughout pretty much every city. I’m talking about bed bugs. I know, cringe! As skin-crawling and nerve-cringing critters such as bed bugs are,… Read more →

Regressive Liberalism, Meet Your Twin, The Religious Reich

Written by SansSensibility Follow Sans Sensibility on Twitter @sanssensibility This meme was shared by one of my Republican friends. Though I often criticize Republican ideology and I consider myself a liberal, I admit that this illustrates one of the issues with liberalism, especially the regressive left. They are quick to criticize discrimination and human right violations when the right is to… Read more →