Author: Aliyah Hurt

I am an aspiring writer, college student (Psychology major), daughter, sister, and friend, as well as an ally to several causes/groups of people.

“Cuffing Season” and Why the Dating Game Sucks in 2016

Fall is the time for “cuddle buddies”, finding new relationships and lovers (hence the term “cuffing season”), however dating has become more complicated and impersonal in recent years. If you have been following my articles, you will know that I have previously written about how technology affects our intimate relationships in my piece titled “Love, Lust, and Electronics: Technology vs.… Read more →

Love, Lust, and Electronics: Technology vs. Romance

You see more people with cell phones in their hands than you see people holding one another’s hand. You encounter countless posts consisting of photos of couples, captions filled with professed love, and comment sections engulfed in exclamations of how cute the two individuals are together. It can be hard to accept what is showcased online and through social media… Read more →

Hashtags, Movements, Justice, and Social Commentary

#BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter Due to recent events in the United States, these three hashtags have been circulating social media. Some longer than others, however all are prevalent in this discussion. Let’s get one thing straight. Everyone who is born unto this earth has the right to live. Life, no matter which body, race, gender, ethnicity, or anything otherwise individualizing, is… Read more →

Questioning Education

Growing up, my outlook on education was positive. Learning was enriching and fulfilling, and all I ever wanted to do was grasp more concepts. As I got older, my outlook became clouded. To this day I still question my views. In an English writing course I am currently taking, we had the opportunity to write a paper on a facet… Read more →

Print: The Importance of Written Material that is Not Presented Electronically

Written by Aliyah Hurt Even though you are currently accessing this content through an internet connection on some sort of electronic media device, I urge you to take a moment and think back on when this sort of thing wasn’t possible. At one point in time, written material such as articles, news stories, books, etc. were only accessible in their… Read more →