There are facts and opinions, there is you and me and there is search and showcase. We are MADE CREATIVE.

Our aim is to be the peoples platform. We embrace real freedom of expression, accessibility and facts.

Grafik is a unique alternative online broadcast network with concentrations in media broadcast and digital press. Grafik’s main objective and mission is to be and remain a natural informative site providing true and authentic point of views in news and current events as well as bringing artistry back to the industry in entertainment.

With our mission and being an accessible platform for established and emerging artist on all spectrum’s of media is our greatest asset. With authentic content, clear decisive factual and/or opinionated reporting while being open and attainable for emerging productions, we can carefully carve out a section as a stable alternative media broadcast in mainstream media together as a community.

Grafik is creating new ground, removing the elitism from media by becoming a mainstream alternative media broadcast. Giving opportunity to those who are interested, emerging or established but wanting to reach a new demographic. While we will have in house original content produced, such as TV shows, short and long format films, current event reports and talk shows, we still want to reach out and live up to being the people’s platform.

Being the people’s platform is not only essential to Grafik’s network, but it is strategic in its being as there is nothing like this on mainstream or alternative media. It is noteworthy to mention that Grafik’s people platform is not like YouTube or Vevo. Grafik is a little more selective than YouTube and not solely music orientated like Vevo. Our goal is to be a major player among the online networks (Hulu, Netflix, Crave, etc.), but at the same time being accessible to showcase or work with. Grafik will be the happy medium, by being selective in content produced, promoted and aired at the same time being attainable without the middle man [agents, talent scouts]. Grafik is taking it back to the good ol’ days of shopping demo tapes, reels and content. 


Send it up, send it through… Send it in, the world would be nothing without YOU.


This is why you should choose Grafik?


We are MADE CREATIVE, let’s create something.