Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: Get Out and Vote

Written by R. Jibus

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The general election is only 3 months away and it sure looks like the tides are turning in the polls. That’s if you believe what the polls say these days, as they are not all entirely accurate. Regardless, what we have is a serious momentum change regarding the Clinton vs. Trump POTUS showdown. As of now it’s seems she’s leading him in the polls and some Red States are leaning towards her.

Let’s take Arizona for example which is primarily Red, suddenly has Clinton tied for the state with the possibility of winning come Election Day. The same goes for Ohio a major swing state and could possibly set the tone for a Clinton Administration come November. If she wins those states along with other Red States will surely send a message that the GOP has lost their way lacking a clear-cut leader for the Republican party.

Why the sudden change of momentum in favor of Clinton? It’s most likely due to the fact that the American people aren’t that “stupid” and know that Trump will not take them to the promise land. The very same statement [stupid] he said of Jeb Bush when he announced running for president.  The more Trump opens his mouth, the more he sounds arrogant, ignorant and very ‘stupid’ in my opinion. He also claims he’s not racist but make no mistake people, he is and trust that he will not think of the ‘little people’.  He would wipe out the middle class and make the US a 2-class society i.e rich and poor.

My opinion about the politicians in Washington is that many of them are just lazy.  They are supposed to work for the people, but too many have special interests that effect their pockets. Hillary Clinton may not be the best person for and as POTUS but she is the better choice in my opinion. Not only to drive this great country on the right path for generations to come but most of all not screw the middle-class or be ill-tempered in the highest seat on the Hill like her counterpart in the race Donald Trump. Trump promotes racial divide and that, everyone, is something we can’t stand for or endorse.

So come this November on Election Day people, get out and vote for your candidate that you believe will best serve your interests and the American people.  Regardless if you are for the right or the left, vote because it’s the American way and remember that people have died for the right to vote.  Do not let your vote go to waste.

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