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I’m a huge advocate of science and the spread of scientific literacy.  Science is a way for us to better understand the universe and our place within it.  To me, science is a means to enlightenment.  While science might be a great way to explain a myriad of things, it hasn’t always been a shining example of fairness and equality.  Below are a short list of women in science who had their ideas, and the credit for their discoveries, stolen from them.

#1. Ada Lovelace

SS 1 - july15

#2. Dorothy Hodgkin

SS2 - july15

#3. Emmy Noether

SS3 - july15

#4. Lise Meitner

SS4 - july15

#5 Marie Tharp

SS5 - july15

#6. Nettie Stevens

SS 6 - july15

#7. Rosalind Franklin

SS7 - july15