Greed of Wall Street

Written by R. Jibus

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By now everyone should know Wall Street hunger for making money is at all cost.  It’s pure greed to for Wall Street to want to make money in any way possible and it has made the majority of the American people sick to their stomach. Everyone knows that old saying that money is the root of all-evil and Wall Street should have its picture in the dictionary for that phrase.

Let’s go back to 2008 when the housing market just burst –

The financial banks are on the brink of going out of business. The lenders, now running for the hills and financial investment groups asking Congress for help by way of a bail out, paid with tax dollars from hardworking Americans.

STOP! Headlining Question:

How can they ask for help when they are/were the ones who put all of this in motion?wallstreetgreedcdo_thumb

Someone had to know that this ride on cooking the books and giving subprime loans to people who damn well couldn’t afford buying the home they were living in.  The Americandream has always been grow up and get a good education and then get a good paying job.  As a result on doing well in life, the other part of the dream was to buy a home and raise a family.  The banks preyed on that dream and ruined a lot of people’s lives in the process.

When the Stock Market came to a hard crash and we heard some Wall Street business were going under and losing money. But you have to remember when money is moving; it’s really moving to someone else’s hand. Money doesn’t just disappear in thing air; money is moved from one location to another.

What the government needs to do is track and charge the criminals who were involved in this fiasco which caused a server disruption in our economy and pain in people’s lives. You have to ask yourself the biggest question of them all, how come those people aren’t arrested and put in jail.  Why is it to this day we still don’t know the whole story?

And we will never know either.

The next question should be, why weren’t questions asked when the money was being made (i.e. Is this legal and or right?). But I guess it really wouldn’t matter because when there is a scam and people are losing money the questions start flying and fingers are pointing everywhere and at everyone. People are quick to point fingers and throw someone under the bus. (The term “under the bus” drives me crazy but in this case it’s a good time to use it).

A quick address on Bernie Madoff –

I believe had it not been the housing crisis in 2008 Bernie Madoff would’ve still gotten away with his scam to this day.  He ran a scam for years and people believed they were getting rich thanks to him. But when Madoff hit that wall and realized he couldn’t keep his scam up, it was lights out. Certainly there are more financial advisers out there just like Madoff responsible and plenty are getting away with it to this day.  What a shame.

Remember when money is lost on one side, someone else has gotten their hands on it.  Like I said before money just doesn’t disappear in thin air…believe that people!


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