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Sn1 Ep3 “Zombie Summer”

NOTE : offensive visual and audio content…. Not for the faint of heart

Grafik Culture Network presents ZombieTV, a talk show to take back media broadcast with real people discussing real issues on a platform built by the people for the people.

ZombieTV is a iBroadcast production of candid conversations that focus on what’s being done, going on and the pure ratchet fuckery that plagues the USofA and world.

Be apart of the discussion, be apart of the movement, be apart of the solution contact ZTVzombie.zombieTV@gmail.com.

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@8offZombie #FreeThinkers #ZombieCamp June Focus Topics: Hilary Clinton & Black People, Will Smith the Saint Vs. Will Smith the Actor, Blue Lives Matter Exposed, HipHop Science W. Black Dot, The Real Running Man, Transformation of Lil Kim, David Banner on Roc Newman Show, Slut Shaming, Tayja Jones, Black Woman Breakdown W. @JaniceJnice, Self Hate or Self Improve W. The Conspiracy Dude, 2Pac Day 6-16-71, Chinx Drugz & Stack Bundles RIP. @Zombie.ZombieTV@Gmail.com