Summer Pro-Tips

By: Aliyah Hurt

Written by Aliyah Hurt

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“I could’ve, would’ve, should’ve” are three things you don’t want to catch yourself saying during your summer fun. Here are some quick tips that can help you to remain one step ahead of the game this summer:

Hydrate –
Summer is the season of soda, lemonade, iced tea, and mixed drinks. As you can tell, none of these are water. Although some drinks options are more hydrating than others, nothing beats good old H_2 O. Keep an “emergency” water bottle in your car in case you find yourself lacking hydration on a hot day. (Bonus tip: keeping “emergency” snacks in your car are great for long drives and road trips as well!)

Protect –
Summer usually warrants a lot of outside activity. Stock up on sunscreen/sunblock, clothing/accessories with built-in sun protection technology, and bug spray/repellent. No one wants to be burnt whilst covered in itchy bug-bites. Can you imagine how uncomfortable that would be? (Bonus tip: get a sun reflector for your car! Keep the heat out and off of those leather seats.)

Pets –
Don’t leave any living thing in an enclosed space, such as a locked car, in the summer heat. It is extremely dangerous and is a cause of death. Don’t walk your pets on hot pavement, there feet will burn. If the back of your hand can’t stand the ground’s temperature, don’t take your pets out at that time. (Bonus tip: make sure the water bowl has cool water in it and is filled. Animals need to stay hydrated as well!)

Cold Nights –
Hot summer days can turn into cool nights pretty fast. Although the sun sets later, the chill can still set in. Keep a blanket and/or sweatshirt in your car in case you find yourself out later than you expected. (Bonus tip: an extra pair of shoes and socks can be very helpful as well! Sometimes you’re stuck in your flip flops from the hot day.)

Water Safety –
Water can be fun, but we as humans still need it to drink and bathe, so don’t waste it! However, summer is a great opportunity to learn how to swim and to learn how to perform CPR, since the hot days can lead to a lot of water activity. Don’t leave inexperienced swimmers and young children unattended around a body of water, it only takes a few inches of depth for someone to be capable of drowning. (Bonus tip: life vests/jackets are sometimes provided free of charge at various community locations such as fire stations and sheriff’s departments. Research your area for specific loaner locations!)

These tips are great for preparing for summer fun. Use them to your advantage!

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