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Pittie Little Secrets – Grafik Media Network

Pittie Little Secrets

By: Grafik Digital Press

Written by Shara Love

In the world of dogs there are quirky little things that each particular dog breed becomes known for with their personalities and behaviours. Many quirky behaviours are common across breeds. Fortunately I am lucky enough to be able to share with you the particularly quirky and distinct behaviours recognizable in the Pit Bull terrier/Bully breeds; behaviours that aren’t exhausted enough in the media unfortunately. Former and present owners alike, I’m sure, could agree to most if not all these scrumptious pibble quirks.


  1. For starters, people you run into on the street while with your pumpkinhead either LOVE pitbulls indiscriminately or they are quietly in fear for their lives on the inside while trying to slyly cross the street.


  1. Anytime you are walking head on with another small dog and its owner, they pick up the small dog and blatantly dodge your pass.


  1. Searching for a place to move to is next to impossible and seems to be getting worse. Pit Bulls are almost universally deemed the “bad breed” in apartment units or rental properties.


  1. They are the best sleep time puppy pilers. No matter if your leg starts to fall asleep or you can’t breathe due to their big head resting across your neck, you don’t want to move and cause a disturbance to their sweet slumber. Awww.


  1. They usually go belly up, legs sprawled and take up more than half the couch while doing so.


  1. And while they’re at it, they make more noise snoring in their sleep than they do while awake.


  1. When it’s play time, it’s time to get you footing in the grass because they’re coming at you full speed as if they can’t actually see your legs right in their path. Bend those knees and turn quickly!


  1. When they are sorry about something they did, it shows in those pitiful eyes! It’s hard to stay mad at those long pitiful scared eyes.


  1. They sometimes sit down on their bums real hard and then just stare at you like they are telling you something real important all of a sudden. Chin up and gaze on.


  1. They are silly when it comes to their toys, especially sticks! They like to destroy it to pieces, spit the pieces out then on to the next toy which is probably a tiny little plush squeaky puppy toy they haven’t bothered destroying in months.


  1. Come dinner time (for you) the sly gazes and stares get real manipulative. All you can see is the head from the eyes up perched above the table ever so discreetly gazing upon your plate, or fork or even your mouth as you chew.


  1. And that’s when you (sometimes) give in to give them a little treat because you know that they really do deserve one and they are just the biggest sweetest quirkiest ‘loveabully’ creatures that have, unbeknownst to them, caused an activism to arise across continents for their protection. Their quirkiness deserves to be expressed.   


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