Written By SansSensibility
One of the best things about summer is the over-the-top, mega-blockbusters that we’ve been waiting since Christmas to see.  The following is a line-up of the movies I’ve been waiting for with trailer links where you can also purchase tickets (through Fandango.com) because a) you know I’m right, and b) you know I have awesome taste in movies!

Sans movies 1May 6th


Captain America: Civil war is the latest in the Marvel Avenger’s movies and sure to kick some ass and take names.

Sans movies 2

May 27th


Alice Through the Looking Glass is a continuation of the Alice novels as envisioned by none other than Tim Burton.  With the same cast returning for another psychedelic, acid-dropped, slightly more than slightly mental good time.

Sans movies 3May 27th


X-Men Apocalypse beings back together both the young and old cast members for another violent, supernatural action movie with more CGI than anything else out this summer.  (And Jennifer Lawrence as a giant, naked, shape-shifting, Playboy Smurf? Yes, please!)


Sans movies 4

June 10th


Now You See Me 2 is likely to be just as much fun as the first go around.  Who doesn’t like a good magic trick without having to pack for Vegas?

Sans movies 5

June 10th


Warcraft is based on the massive online multiplayer (MMO) game World of Warcraft which is only the best online game ever made.

Sans movies 6

June 17th


Finding Dory is the long awaited sequel to Finding Nemo.  At least when Nemo was lost he could retain more than 10 seconds worth of information.  Fun for the entire family!

Sans movies 7

June 24th


Independence Day Resurgence is another long awaited sequel to Independence Day which was gave Will Smith his big break.  While he isn’t in this movie, it still seems that we will not be disappointed with alien carnage & CGI explosions.

Sans movies 8

July 15th


Ghostbusters is a remake with a female cast.  I’m a huge fan of the original, but I’m a little worried that these ladies won’t be able to cross the streams.  I’m willing to find out because Chris Hemsworth.

Sans movies 9

July 22nd


Star Trek screenplay written by Simon Pegg. That is all.

Sans movies 10

July 29th


Jason Bourne is the fifth in a line of Jason Bourne action thrillers.  Matt Damon looks to kill it yet again in this new version with some familiar faces in the mix.

Sans movies 11

August 5th


Suicide Squad is based on the DC Batman universe of criminally insane bad guys.  This is likely why Will Smith isn’t in Independence day, and why I’ll never look at Jared Leto the same way again.  The plot?  Insane criminals fighting insane criminals for the good of humanity – what could go wrong?

Let me know if I left a favorite of yours out in the comments below!