written by Graham Rucker

My Question of the day

In almost every religion and in all the main stream or major religions the man is the head, in the forefront or when described in the hierarchy the man is first. When looking at the Holy Bible, Koran, Torah and even in the Hindu texts the portrayal of women is conflicted, contradicted and mixed. Theories, ideas, practices and positions of the woman vary, were as the range and position of the man stays the same. Why is that? What is it about the woman that makes her range contradictory and what is it about the man that keeps him so stationary?

In the Koran, Torah and Christian Bible (all denominations) says that Eve (the presumed first woman) was made from and for Adam (the presumed first man), it is also said that Eve (woman) was made for Adam (man), to be his life companion, help mate and to populate the earth. With this said I remain confused. Eve is the help mate, Eve is for Adam, Adam is the head (in direction and guidance appointed by God) and that men (husbands) are to understand women as they are “the weaker vessel”. Ok so, men rule, charge and create all and the woman is the help mate? Can this be true? Is the woman truly the “weaker vessel”? Is she really the helpmate for the man? And, is she honestly the tail? I think not, and please don’t misunderstand me, I know that the head can’t move with no body, I also know that physically the average woman doesn’t have the same amount of muscle mass as a man and I also know that it takes both egg and sperm to make a baby.

So, with that out of the way we can press on.God_Creating_the_Universe_by_LKarkruff

If a man is the creator, why is he still not creating. The man ejaculates into a woman and for nine months she nurtures, nourishes and creates and births a child. Let’s go back, the man ejaculates and the woman does all the work. It is said that there is no pain like child birth and that there is also no greater drain, exhaust and energy that is given and taken when evolving and growing another living being. All that sounds like woman is the creator and man is the helpmate. All he did was ejaculate and she develops life. Again, don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying men are useless or unimportant. We already established that it takes both a man and woman to create new life. I am simply stating that she does all the work and he helps.

Note in the second paragraph, I ask the question of is the woman really the tail? Let’s explore this. What moves a man? Some will say money, power, success, freedom etc. Unless he is gay (and there is nothing wrong with being gay, please, do you, be you), it will always come down to a woman. She ultimately rules all, even the unknowingly. A woman can make or break a man, she can build him up or tear him down. Women have an internal and external bearing about themselves that men do not. Naturally women are smarter than men, scientifically women use both sides of the brain whereas men do not (not saying men aren’t smart).

We can go on and on about women and men all day and answers and opinions will vary across the board but what stays the same and cannot be debated is that women create and bear the burden of life and there is no man that can or for that matter would even want to after they know what all it in tells. So with that being said, my presumption is that woman is the creator and we have been fed a lie.