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HHB 1 May 1

Shape Scale

Two things I love are technology and fitness.  In this product I’ve found both!  Now I know this looks very similar to the regular old scale you already have in your bathroom (and cry at every morning), but it’s not.


This sleek and sexy version of a bathroom scale actually scans your entire body and gives you real-time feedback.  With a companion app on your phone you can track inches of muscle and/or fat lost or gained, keep goals, and see how your body is changing over time.


HHB 2 May 2

The launch date is not set in stone yet, but will happen before the begin of Summer 2016.  ShapeScale is sure to be a big hit, and early supporter incentives are being offered by the company like reserving a scale at 25% off retail price when they launch! The following video has all the information on the product and how it works.


To find out more go to their website https://www.shapescale.com/reserve/

Stay Healthy! 😉

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