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Artist of the Month VERSUS THE OCTOPUS

Verses the Octopus is an indie electronic rock band, started back in 2010 by Robirt Soto. This project has been the perfect outlet for Rob Soto (Vocals, GuAoM May 2itar, Bass), Peter Cruz (Guitar, Synth) and Robyn Soto (Back-up Vocals, Synth/Drum machine).

“The unique tastes, talents, and style of each band member blend together to create something entirely new, and the result is high energy “indie-synth” music combined with philosophical lyrics and killer harmonies.”  Natalie Bates from IEShineon.com

When asked how they would describe their sound to a first time listener, Robyn answered: “I would say we’re really experimental. Like what I was telling the guys the other day was that we’re interesting cause we’re kind of like a band of multi-instrumentalists since each one of us is doing multiple things to create our sound.”

AoM May 3 When asked what bands or artists who influence them Peter chose Metric, Silversun Pickups, My Despair. “Those are a couple of my influences anyways, for synthesizer and guitar. Kind of retrospective music.”  Rob: I like Depeche Mode and 80s. I like newer stuff too, but it’s like Michael Jackson, you know, like all the classics . . . The Police, Beethoven . . .  Robyn: And then Rob and I growing up together, we had a lot of the same influences in music. He actually got me into Bjork who became a really big inspiration for me experimenting with my vocals. And I’ve also been listening to Empire of the Sun . . . they’re a big influence. We actually got to see them live. And The Beatles. Like even with our name too, since it’s like “verses,” as in poetry   verses.  Rob: Oh yeah, that’s a thing too. I was trying to be like The Beatles with that.  Robyn: So The Beatles were actually a big inspiration for both Rob and me growing up. And my dad was really into them.

For more information about Verses the Octopus or to find their next live event follow the link to their site.  https://www.reverbnation.com/versestheoctopus



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