So finally Peyton Manning after months of speculation that he might retire after this NFL season has finally come true.  Reports were told that he would retire win or lose after this year’s Super Bowl.  After winning the Super Bowl everyone wondered when and what he was going to say about his future.  Would he come back for one more season or retire and take a place in the Denver Broncos management?
I’m no Peyton fan but I do have respect for him as an athlete, but now there’s speculation of him taking performance-enhancing drugs to boost his performance.  There are rumors of his wife receiving packages in his name that are labeled with PED.  It would be a shame for a guy who has won 2 Super Bowl rings and 5 times MVP who now retired but still will be investigated for PED.
Peyton Manning has come a long way to win his 2nd Super Bowl ring after having back surgery 4 times and plantar fascia.  His legacy in the NFL is secure and will go down, as one of the greatest QB’s to ever play the game.  Let’s just hope that his last win won’t go down in a blemish due to PED like Lance Armstrong, whose career went to crap after admitting taking PED during his Tour de France reign. – RJ

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