There’s a fight against doping in professional cycling that seems never-ending.  We thought maybe it would come to an end with Lance Armstrong coming forward with his own admission with doping when he sat down with Oprah Winfrey.  However, that was in 2012 and we still haven’t come close to stopping the infiltration of corruption in the professional peloton.

            Now the sport is facing a new form of cheating and it’s in the form of motorized bicycles in the racing bikes.  Motors installed in the cranks of the bike helping the rider with speed and recovery.  UCI just confirmed their first case of motorized doping at the World Cyclocross Championships by a 19-year-old Belgium rider who was caught in this year’s championships.  There’s another case of a rider who crashed and the video shows the rider’s back rear wheel still spinning even though he’s the ground and not on his bike.

            America’s first and now only 3-time Tour de France Champion Greg LeMond (86,89 and 90) has been trying to tell the sport that this form of cheating is out there and is going to get worse if they don’t acknowledge and address the different forms of cheating that exist in the sport.  The sport made fun and shunned him for speaking out against Armstrong and look what happened.  He was right, now the sport needs to listen to him again about this problem.

            My personal opinion is that if you don’t have the god given talent for the sport or any sport.  If you result in the form of any kind of cheating what so ever, then you have no business being in the sport at all.  It’s just that plain and simple….end of discussion!

-R. Jibus