So by now many have heard the latest news on Apple and it’s ongoing fight with the government to gain access to their customer data information in their iPhones.  This fight between the two entities is more about data and security.  What’s at stake is the privacy of their customers and Apple’s vow to keep it that way at all costs.  Apple has promised their customers that even a court order won’t make them comply with a judge’s order for the FBI.  You can already guess that this fight will go all the way to the US Supreme Court.

There are pros and cons to this debate, at one point you see the FBI’s view on securing help in order to fight against global terrorism.  The flip side to the coin is that privacy is becoming illusory in this country and Apple intends to challenge the government on this issue by keeping their customers’ information encrypted.  If the government pressures Apple to access this one particular iPhone and they invoke the Patriot Act, then perhaps Apple will have to comply with a judge’s order to make the software program and there is no question the government wouldn’t use this program at any time for anyone.  I believe the government is going too far in asking or even requesting such a program.  When will it stop and how will that develop more trust for the government who paints a narrow picture to the people on what/who a terrorist is or not.  This program would give them unlimited access to anyone’s phone for “securities” sake and the privacy of every user out there becomes more of a distorted illusion as it slips out of existence.

Apple has stated it will not make or comply with the request of the government.  This digital age that we are living in is becoming more dangerous and it’s very tricky to ask a company as large and powerful as Apple to create such a program that has the power to unlock and violate the lives of any person linked in the system.  If Apple complies then it will send a clear message that it’s okay for the government to spy on Americans at any cost. We cannot allow the government to have infinite power to bully its own citizens in the name of “security”.  Our freedom and liberties professed in the constitution will slowly become an idea that once was.  Apple has the money and the gumption to keep the fight going for years to come if needed.

Other major companies are backing Apple’s fight with the government, Google and Facebook to name a few.  They all have the same thing in common, the privacy of their customers but most importantly, the privacy of all people who have smart phones.  Remember people, everyone has their personal information on their phones ranging from financial, medical and even private stuff they just don’t want the government to access.

So I say to Apple keep the fight going and fight for everyone’s right for privacy and don’t give in to the political crap of the government.  Don’t’ get bullied by the government during an election year…now is as an important time as any to stand your ground!