trump1It seems that the war on terrorism is on the fore front in today’s news thanks to Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP candidates running for the White House in 2016.  Don’t get me wrong it’s an issue that needs to be addressed along with the other major issues that are plaguing America at the moment.  However, with Trump it’s a major part of his campaign for president and his basis argument falls short in my opinion.

First off to blame the Muslims for the recent events happening in the country when it comes to shootings is dead wrong.  To say we need to close the borders on all Muslims coming into the country because there was some bad apples in the group is totally wrong.  We as a freethinking society cannot blame the whole Muslim community on the recent events. No doubt our government can preform better checks, vetting and watching certain individuals and their activities that may spark federal and local law enforcement agencies and clearly there is room for improvement within our agencies and policies on how they handle red flags and situations. However, it cannot be addressed with prejudicial biases targeting spiritual, religious or other visible minority groups.

Any shooting incident in this country that happens is a terrorist act.  A White person did the shootings in the movie theater in Colorado and the school shootings in Sandy Hook in Connecticut, were those shootings not a terrorist act?  What I am trying to convey is that you don’t need to be a certain race to commit a terrorist act; terrorist acts can be done by any race.  Will Trump or the rest of the GOP candidates running for president say anything about that?  No they will not and it’s sad in my opinion to blame specific individuals or groups to spark fear in the American people based on their basis to run and win the White House.trump2

This country needs strict bipartisan gun law in Congress to address the issues at hand.  Remember guns don’t kill people, people kill people and that’s where we need to start if we want to stop these shootings in America.  If Donald Trump is the leader for the GOP and the great hope to take back America, then in my opinion, we are going to be in trouble with this guy.  Donald Trump is not the answer to or for the problems in America. – R. Jibus

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