Lunch Time Work Outs

Work Out I
1 mile (9-14 mins)
        3x10  Dumb Bell Chest Press
              Dumb Bell Standing Fly
              Dumb Bell Curl
3x8 ↑ Decline Chest Press (Rack or Bar Bell)
Double Set
        3x10↑ Rack Leg Press
        3x21 Rack Calf Press

3x15 LungeLunch Time Workout copy
3x15 Tricep Pulldown
3x20 Leg Lifts
Work Out II
½ mile (Push Hard, 4-7 mins)
Double Set
       3x15  Dumb Bell Over Head Press
             Single Arm Bent Over Dumb Bell Row
3x8↑ Close Grip Lat Pull Down
3x10 Bar Bell Chest Press
3x10↑ Bar Bell Bent Over Row
3x8 Bicep Curl (Bar / Dumb Bell)
3x10↑ Squat
3x15 Sit Ups / Crunches
½ mile (Push Hard, 4-7 mins)


↑ = Pyramid up with each set (First set 3×8, Second set 3×9,  Third set 3×10)

Superset / Double set = one workout after another with little to no rest in between

Routines should run between 45 mins to 1 ½ hours


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