With my “New year, new me” logo fixed firmly in my mind I’m already anticipating summer.  Working out and eating right to finally find that beach body buried under months of pumpkin flavored anything and everything.

Summer always being to mind shorter shorts, tighter abs and shirtless people.  Wait, I mean men right? Women can’t go topless!  But wait!  Yes they can in many states and cities according to GoTopless.org .  Forward thinking cities like New York, Asheville, NC, Austin, TX, Boulder, CO., Honolulu, HI, and Eugene, OR, legally allow women to rock what they’ve got.  The website does suggest that you check first with your local ordinances before you go out sans-clothing just in case.

Women, and the men who love them, should get out there and publicly support women’s right to not have their bodies sexualized against their wills by sexist and outdated nudity laws.  We all know antiquated laws banning female toplessness are sexist – with their implication that women’s bodies are sexual, whether or not we want them to be, even if we’re just trying to beat the heat or sunbathe at the beach.

Thanks to progress in equality, my summer expectation this year? No bikini-top line. – SansSensibility

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