2016: Already Problematic for the USA

The average American citizen had a lot to learn in 2015 and will hopefully continue to educate themselves on all the issues faced by this country. These problematic situations are realities that must be dealt with properly in the New Year:

Donald Trump – A racist man whose call-to-action is building walls, deportation, and forcing a population to wear identification labels leading our country is ridiculous thought. He may become our president folks.

Police Brutality – Countless social media posts and news coverage broadcasted the information of this epidemic last year. Stay woke and understand 1,134 deaths of young African American men at the hands of police is devastating.

Cultural Appropriation – The adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of another has become very inappropriate. Headdresses, dreadlocks/braided styles, bindis and saaris (just to name a few) are not fashion accessories. They all have cultural depth. Take a moment out of your day to read up on their history and call out people who are doing it wrong.

The Price of College Education – Students are finding themselves in around $30,000 worth of debt, or are not attending college due to the hefty costs. Yet the job market expects you to have a degree.

Misgendering – Gender and sexual identity is very important in this day and age, alongside the vast accomplishments being made in the LGBTQIA community. Don’t be afraid to ask someone what their pronouns are.

Transphobia – Gender binaries are not the limitation to who people are. Trans lives matter too, and they’ll always be a part of society.

Homelessness – Not having a home leads to other issues such as hunger and lack of educational opportunities. The numbers are growing, nearly 600,000 people as of last year were without homes.

Gun Violence – In 2015 alone, approximately 12,942 people were fatally shot. Which aligns itself with the next topic.

White Terrorism – Due to America’s white supremacist upbringing, people often fail to view acts of terrorism carried out by white Americans as what they are.

Rape Culture – Victims cannot bring on rape. Use your platform to help advocate, not to criticize/criminalize.


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